Muskingum County Fairgrounds Testimonials

The fairgrounds is great for the fair of course but several other things take place there throughout the year like gun shows, farmers market, rib fest ect. It's also a good place to have your vehicle pushed into when it breaks down in the intersection lol so many nice people stopped to offer help. The man who closes the gate at night was nice enough to leave it open until the tow truck came to haul my vehicle out. I was thankful for his kindness because he could have been a jerk and told us we'd have to leave and come back the next day for my vehicle but he told us no problem he'd come back later to close up. Oh by the way you can get free manure there 😋😃🤣 LOL

Great fun, the food was delicious and the livestock was a treat to see!

Great food. Amazing truck and tractor pull contestants. Lots of people in boots. Lol Looking forward to the demolition derby this week.

Loved watching the harness racing!

Really was a well laid out fairground. Had a excellent time at the fair. I really believe any event held here would be worth going to.

The fair grounds are big. When the fair isn't going on it is a nice place to walk and get some exercise. Walk your pets( but please clean up after them), go slead riding in the winter, learn to drive ect. They also have the farmers market there and you can homemade goodies and crafts, fresh produce. They also host family friendly festivals and events there as well.Today is the last day of the fair week. It was awesome. They brought back the zipper finally. They had loads of food, games and rides. My family had a wonderful time at the fair.

The tractor and truck pulls were awesome.

The shows were so awesome can't wait till next year!

Had wedding reception there....was a wonderful venue!

Muskingum County Fairgrounds and the farmer's market. Always a family favorite and good for the community.

The 178th Muskingum County Blue Ribbon Fair Presented By


August 11-17 2024